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The Maple Grille LLC

Indoor Wood Fired Kitchen

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Open Tuesday-Saturday


Saturday  menu 1-31

Pizza $10

Pizza Sauce, BBQ, Steak,  Chicken, Pepperoni,  Onion, Banana Peppers, blue cheese


beef stew 3/5

Chicken liver pate 5

Chicken salad and crackers 5

Summer Sausage, Cheese and crackers 8

K.M.P.O. Burger 6/9

Veggie Burger 6/9

Beef tenderloin 25

NY strip steak 25

Sirloin steak 20

Flank steak 18

Grilled Chicken Breast 15

Smoked Chicken Leg Quarter 12

Redskin Potato and Parsnip Hash


Apple Crisp 5

Apple Crisp Pizza 7 

Crime brûlée 6









The Maple Grille







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The Maple Grille LLC
Chef Josh Schaeding
13105 Gratiot Road
Hemlock, MI 48626